Sunday, January 12, 2014

happy thoughts {and free desktop wallpaper}

Hello friends. How are we today? Good? Not so good? Somewhere in-between? I am a bit of a struggle muffin. Let's just say last week was rough. I'm already being tested with my intention for the year. I'm trying to stay present to all that's being thrown my way. Not sure if I totally am, but I'm attempting to cut myself some slack either way...because nothing is worse than being overwhelmed, hurt, or in pain and then mentally beating yourself up on top of things. I know a lot of people are struggling right now, so I thought I'd take today's post to send a little cheer everyone's way.    

I designed a few bright & shiny desktop wallpaper designs for you all (compatible with 1680 x 1050 computer screens, iPads, and iPad minis). I think it's soooo important to have joyful, uplifting, positive art/pictures/notes around your house (I even stick little post-its with happy messages on mirrors, in the closet, on my phone, & pretty much anywhere I'll see them and smile). Since I stare at my computer a LOT throughout the day (and I'm guessing 98% of you do too), the computer/iPad desktop is another perfect place for a couple cheery notes. I like to think that each time I'm flipping between programs, the happy messages seep into my little brain cells...and then multiply. 

Here's hoping that all of our minds, bodies, hearts, (and brain cells) start feeling the happy thoughts as soon as possible. Have a happy day friends. xoxoxo

download "you are free" computer desktop wallpaper HERE 
download "you are free" iPad wallpaper HERE
download "you are free" iPad mini wallpaper HERE


download "happy thoughts" computer desktop wallpaper HERE
download "happy thoughts" iPad wallpaper HERE
download "happy thoughts" iPad mini wallpaper HERE


download "follow your arrow" computer desktop wallpaper HERE 
download "follow your arrow" iPad wallpaper HERE
download "follow your arrow" iPad mini wallpaper HERE